Dream Dictionary for “I”
Dream Dictionary for “I”

1. I

The letter ‘I’ is used to address ‘me, myself’. Dreaming of this letter suggests the dreamer must focus on themselves.

If you have already been self-centered, probably the dream wants to make a mark that you are selfish.

Lastly, the letter can also symbolize responsibility and action.

2. Ibis

An ibis in your dream symbolizes faith, dedication, and ambition.

3. Ice

To dream of ice marks an uneven thought process. Probably, you do not see yourself making a straight direction towards your goal or success.

The dream can also symbolize that you are taking miscalculated risks in your waking life.

Slipping on ice in your dream represents your insecurities and poor self-confidence. Perhaps, the dream is alarming you of some difficulties which you may soon come across.

If you see yourself falling through the ice, it means you might experience an outburst of emotions soon.

4. Ice Cream

To dream of ice-cream can denote a couple of conditions in your waking life:

  • You need to live your life to the fullest.
  • Don’t let your temper overpower you. Keep calm and proceed with a peaceful mind.
  • You are unaware of your goal.
  • Success, Fulfilment, Gain in matters of love, and pleasure.
  • Bad ice cream: Deception, awful realization, disappointment.

5. Ice Cube

Ice cubes in your dream represent the cold or frozen feelings within you. The dream might be asking you to calm down. Probably because you are losing control of your temper.

Other than that, these cubes can also imply refreshment and revival. Take a few days off your daily routine, and relax. You might even consider doing some activities that help you refresh.

6. Ice Maker

A damaged ice-maker in your dream signifies exhausted emotions.

An ice-maker in your dream denotes that you are isolating yourself from others.

7. Ice Sculpture

You may dream of an ice Sculpture if a particular occurrence has caused your life to come to a stagnant spot. You are feeling stuck and it’s difficult to think of progress from here.

For more interpretation, consider the shape and pattern of the sculpture.

8. Ice Skating

If you see yourself or someone else Ice Skating in your dream, it is time that you make thoughtful decisions concerning a particular relationship or situation of life.

The dream may also suggest that you need to have faith in your process.

9. Iceberg

To dream of an Iceberg suggests that you are not making the best of your ability and power. Probably, you are a lot more productive than your present outcomes.

The dream can also indicate that you are not getting to the roots of a particular issue and you’re making superficial decisions in life. Further, you can also dream of an Iceberg if you try to mask your inner personality.

10. Icicles

In order to interpret the dream of icicles, you must recall the state in which the icicles appear in your dream. If the icicles were in a state of formation, they represent the difficulties that await you. You might be in need of support from people around you but only to get disappointed. 

If you see melting icicles, it denotes that your difficulties are almost over and you will soon defeat your obstacles.

Dreaming of icicles also indicates a difficult situation that is hovering over you.

11. Icing

If you see yourself icing a cake in your dream, it implies that you have been behaving pretentiously. Be careful because most of your judgments are going to be superficial and all that glitters is not gold.

While things might appear extremely attractive when you look at them from the exterior, you will hardly find an internal substance in them. In other words, things that tempt you, in the beginning, can end up being absolutely useless.

A direct implication of the dream can also represent a final touch-up that makes you feel complete and sufficient in your life.

12. Ideal

Dreaming of an ideal person and dreaming of your ideologies have two different symbols.

While dreaming of meeting an ideal person points at your impractical expectations from others, dreaming of your ideals symbolizes your goals and ambitions.

13. Identification

To dream of your own identity is a sign of your self-esteem and individuality. But, if you dream of losing your identity, it implies that you are uncertain about your I.D. and you still need to acknowledge your individuality.

14. Idiot

Dreaming of yourself or someone else being an idiot suggests that you lack clarity and vision while dealing with certain situations.

Probably, you have a habit of overhyping a situation. In other words, you might complicate the issues more when they are actually simpler to deal with.

15. Idle

You may dream of sitting idle and feeling bored when you actually do not have much to do about your own life. You might be stuck in a situation or you may lack the energy to take initiative for your own interests.

Even if you envision someone else being idle in your dream, it suggests that you are not making the best of your time and energy.

16. Idols

While different sources suggest different interpretations for such a dream, one symbolism of dreaming of idol worship is that you are respecting and worshipping false ideas. You will make very little success while trying hard to achieve your goals.

17. Igloo

Not every person who appears to be rigid and cold is heartless from within. There are people who have enough warmth and love in their emotions but they are unable to express the same in reality. Dreaming of an Igloo represents such a person.

An igloo represents the cold wall surrounding a person that often needs to be brought down.

18. Ignition

You might see yourself igniting something in your dream that suggests you are prepared to move ahead and reach your goals. Such a dream indicates growth and advancement.

However, if you see yourself being uncomfortable with the ignition, it implies that you are facing difficulty in getting started with a project in hand.

Metaphorically speaking, the dream can also suggest that you need to light up a certain aspect of your life.

19. Ignorance

To dream of ignorance signifies poor self-confidence or uncertainty about your own decisions.

Dreaming of an ignorant person symbolizes that you are disapproving of your success.

20. Ignore

If you see yourself being ignored by a person, the dream can represent a real-life experience where you felt ignored by this particular person in your waking life.

But if you see yourself ignoring someone in your dream, it implies that you are not acknowledging an aspect of your own self. Perhaps, you are behaving in an ignorant manner with respect to some pivotal issues.

21. Illness

You may have dreamt of having illness due to some underlying physical or mental trauma. Probably, you are witnessing some unacceptable changes in your waking life.

If you can visualize certain body parts in your dream, these are the areas of your body that need care and caution.  

Dreaming of illness can also occur if you are toiling with an imbalanced situation. Probably, resting in your bed with illness seems more comfortable than the other struggles that you are dealing with.

22. Illumination

If you see an illuminated face in your dream, it implies knowledge, judgment, and flawless understanding in certain aspects of your life. It can be either because you have discovered a truth or a solution to a problem in your waking life.

However, if you see some peculiar or strange illumination in your dream, they must be branching from some underdeveloped or immature parts of your conscience.

23. Imitation

If you see someone imitating you in your dream, it means people are learning from your experiences because you’ve set an example of yourself.

If you see yourself imitating others in a dream, it means you are uncertain about your own intentions and actions. On a good note, the dream implies that you are looking up to them and trying to learn from their experiences.

24. Immigrant

You can dream of being an immigrant even if you are not an immigrant in reality. Such a dream suggests you are realizing a part of your nature that was previously unknown to you.

Were you helping an illegal immigrant in your dream? This type of dream suggests acceptance.

Dreaming of being an immigrant can also represent the personal experience of you or your loved one as an immigrant.

To interpret the dream better, observe your feelings as an immigrant. 

25. Immobile

You can dream of being immobile if you feel entrapped in real life. The dream also suggests that you are being too headstrong or stubborn in your approach.

In other words, you are not flexible or adjustable.

26. Immolation

Dreaming of a person being immolated indicates that your life is going to be greatly impacted by a crucial transformation.  

If you dream of immolating yourself, it means you are ignoring some special aspects of your life in order to achieve your goals. Exhausting yourself to such an extent might not be a healthier choice for your future.

Lastly, if you see someone else immolating you in your dream, it means you are having inflamed anger within you.

27. Immortal

Dreaming of being immortal marks a headstrong nature where the dreamer does not like changes.

If you dream that you are immortal, you are likely to be extremely opposed to changes. Such a dream can also signify confidence, reliability, durability, and boldness.

28. Immunity

Great if you dreamt of being immune to a disease or virus. The dream represents your feeling of being energetic, powerful, and victorious. It is not easy to demotivate you.

29. Imp

Dreaming of an imp is suggestive of confusion and a hit-miss situation of life. In a nutshell dreaming of an imp is not a positive omen. 

Such a dream suggests challenges in the dreamer’s waking life; it also represents the pessimistic and suppressed feelings of the dreamer.

30. Impale

If you dream of being impaled, it suggests an outburst of emotions that have been pent up for a long time now.

The part of your body that gets impaled has a specific symbolism so if you want detailed interpretation, focus on that. 

31. Impeach

A bold and confident person can dream of impeachment. The dream marks your courage and demand to question the supreme.

You might not hold a dignified position, yet you possess the audacity to take a stand for yourself.

32. Implants

To dream of breast implants suggests your concerns that revolve around your looks. Probably, you are not content with the size of your breasts, and that in turn brings down your self-esteem.

To be more direct, the dream expresses your desire to be sexually attractive and appealing.

33. Implements

If you see yourself implementing certain ideas or tools in your dream, it represents your abilities and skills. 

You are a person who is talented enough to make the best possible use of the resources available around you. The dream can also suggest that you need to head towards a new direction in life.

34. Implosion

Anyone dreaming of implosion is not expressing oneself completely. Implosion in your dream signifies repressed anger.

35. Imposter

If you dream of having an imposter it means you are masking your personality and having a facade. 

It symbolizes that you are trying to pretend to be someone else than what you are. The dream is trying to specify the qualities that are being showcased by you but they do not belong to you.

36. Impotence

If you dream of being impotent, it represents a couple of fears.

Firstly, you can be afraid of being inferior to others. Secondly, you fear losing your potential. Thirdly, you fear losing your sexual ability.

37. Imprint

An imprint in your dream can indicate your desire to set an example or leave an impression of yourself in a particular sphere of performance in your life.

The imprint can also represent a past memory. Consider the pattern and the sequence of the imprint for more details.

38. Imprisonment

If you see yourself being imprisoned, it indicates that you are feeling stuck in a situation. The trapped feeling is not allowing you to make progressive movements.

To your surprise, you can be trapped in your own beliefs and old customs. It is also possible that an old thought process is hindering your growth.

39. In-Law

If you see your in-laws in your dream, the dream suggests a relationship that has positive possibilities for the future. The dream can also suggest you follow the rules and regulations with enough care as you proceed.

The dream can further ask you to be more aware of a particular condition.

40. Inauguration

Dreaming of inauguration denotes that people are acknowledging your achievements along with your identity. The dream suggests personal advancement and upliftment.

41. Incense

Incense in your dream represents deep knowledge and complete awareness. If you see yourself lighting incense in your dream, the dream implies spiritual growth.

42. Incoherent

Dreaming of yourself being incoherent indicates two contradictory feelings: you can be either too excited for an adventure or you could be extremely nervous for the same.

The dream could also suggest a lack of authoritative power, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

43. Income

This dream represents all the thoughts that revolve around your financial stability and money matters. And who does not ponder upon financial affairs?

The dream code also speaks of emotional turmoil that is bothering you but you’re not expressing your feelings because you’re being cautious with your behavior.

44. Incompetent

Being incompetent in your dream – whether it’s you or someone else – implies that you do not feel secure in your life. You lack the confidence to perform a certain task and you doubt your ability.

45. Incubator

Dreaming of an incubator suggests that you are in need of balance and peace. If you see yourself in an incubator, it denotes the need to gain maturity.

Are you trying to overlook or escape your responsibilities? The dream can also signify some good factors such as self-progress, creativity, and advancement.

46. Incubus

Dreaming of an Incubus represents a deeply acknowledged fear. If you are unable to recognize the Incubus, then it suggests you express your sexuality in a more direct manner.

47. Indecision

Did you dream of being really confused while making a decision? Is there something bothering your waking life where you need to choose between two complex situations?

The dream reflects confusion and a state of indecision in your waking life where you are struggling with your choices.

48. Independent

To dream that you are independent represents endless possibilities. The dream may also be telling you that you need to stand up for yourself, make your own decisions and think on your own.

49. India

You can dream of being in India if you have some personal ties with the nation.

If you are unable to recall any association with the country or if you have never visited the country, then the dream marks your dedication and perseverance to overcome obstacles.

50. Indian

To dream of an Indian, point your intuition and primal aspects. It’s time that you take better control of your own conditions and the surroundings.

Do not depend upon others, instead practice self-dependency and test your potential. Most importantly, the dream symbolizes determination, awareness, knowledge, and truth.

51. Indifferent

If you dream of being indifferent, the dream represents that you are able to hide your true emotions. Perhaps you do not want to expose how you feel about a certain situation.

If you dream of someone else being indifferent, it means that you are not sure about their intentions and emotions.

52. Indigo

If someone dreams of Indigo, it means that he or she is trying to take advantage of others.

53. Indigestion

Dreaming of Indigestion represents your difficulties. There must be some issues or problems that are hovering over you.

What makes you feel uncomfortable? Are you uncertain about a decision? Try to sit in a calm posture and give second thoughts to your decisions. Remember, there are situations that can be resolved only with time.

54. Infant

If you see a toddler in your dream, it is representative of new opportunities coming your way. This means you are going to have multiple possibilities where you will be able to make the best use of your potential.

55. Infection

You can dream of having an infection if you feel impacted by negative thoughts. Which body part is affected by the infection? Consider such information to help interpret the real message of the dream.

56. Infertile

If a female is traumatized by the news of being infertile in waking life and is unable to accept the truth, she might dream of being infertile.

The dream can also signify a lack of creativity in a person. Probably you are unable to execute your ideas the way you expected.

57. Infestation

We often ignore certain issues in our life. A prolonged ignoring can also result in forgetting these problems altogether.

But if you dream of infestation, the dream reiterates issues that have been out of your mind for a long time now. The problem might have initially begun as a minor issue but has now transformed into a troublesome scenario for you.

You can also dream of infestation if you feel that someone has disturbed or intruded on your privacy.

58. Infidelity

Dreaming of infertility depicts issues related to desertion or ignorance in a relationship. You might be feeling heavy emotionally because of some bottled-up feelings.

Are you having problems in your current relationship? Do you regret having a physical relationship? Are you feeling sexually unsatisfied in a relationship?

In any of the above scenarios, you might dream of infidelity.

59. Infinity

Dreaming of infinity symbolizes longevity, durability, and riches. As a pun, to dream of infinity could also symbolize the number 8.

60. Inflate

If you dream of inflating something it represents a feeling of confidence. The dream symbolizes wisdom, intellectuality, and power.

On the contrary, it can also symbolize that you have an inflated ego. It can be because you feel superior to the others surrounding you.

61. Inhaling

It is quite difficult to notice inhaling in your dream. But if you dream of inhaling, it means your wishes are soon going to be granted.

62. Inheritance

If you dream of receiving an inheritance, it depicts the possibilities of your waking life. You have a lot of opportunities to explore.

The dream also represents the fact that you are capable of progressing in your own ways without having to face many obstacles.

63. Initiation

Rare, but if you dream of initiation, it has a very crucial significance in your waking life.

The dream suggests that you are fetching a new goal. There is going to be a significant change in your career. It can be the most desired promotion!

64. Injection

If you dream of being injected due to some underlying health issues, it asks you to pay attention to your mental as well as physical health. Probably you are feeling drained with respect to your mental or spiritual peace. The dreamer might be in need of emotional healing.

If you see a person injecting something into your bloodstream forcefully, it means you are unhappy with the person having a negative impact on your life.

Metaphorically speaking the dream signifies that you must inject your waking life with more energy.

65. Injury

If you see yourself injured in a dream you need to slow down and rest for a while. Now, it is time to allow healing for all emotional or physical wounds.

For more significance, consider the body part where you got injured.

66. Ink

A creative person can definitely dream of ink. Dreaming of ink suggests that you are accepting new ideologies and fresh points of opinion. If you see a bottle full of ink in your dream, it means a problematic situation will soon come to an end.

However, if the ink is spilled, it symbolizes minor issues. Perchance, a part of yourself is going to be exposed.

67. Inn

An inn in your dream represents a transformation in your life. Are you looking forward to taking a temporary break from reality and the chaos? The dream can also be a pun for ‘acceptance’ or ‘in a group’.

If you see an abandoned inn in your dream, you might be letting go of a part of your own identity.

68. Inquisition

If you see yourself being a part of an Inquisition in a dream, the dream depicts feelings of guilt and emotional pressure. You might be pondering a lot upon the past happenings. 

This however is not going to take you anywhere close to happiness and positivity; try and let go of such feelings in order to proceed in life.

69. Insanity

Dreaming of being insane or seeing someone else behaving insanely indicates that you lack control in certain aspects of your own life.

You can feel confused with the wrongs and the rights of your life at present. Such a dream also suggests your distance from the reality of life.

70. Inscription

An inscription in your dream holds a very symbolic message for your waking life. Try to recall and consider the message written in the inscription that will have direct implications for your life.

71. Insect

Insects in your dream represent small obstacles that you might have defeated in your waking life. Probably, you need to face some minor issues that may arise in the near future. You can be feeling attacked in your waking life.

Insects however also symbolize accuracy, stimulation, response, and alertness.

72. Inside

Dreaming of the inside suggests that you are in need of deep introspection and self-discovery. The dream can be a direct implication that you need to peep into your own soul and figure out the substantial matters inside.

There can be different types of issues that need to be dealt with attention. Take your time to detangle these knots.

73. Insomnia

If you dream of insomnia, it is time that you prioritize your responsibilities. There are factors that overwhelm you in your waking life. Try to strike a balance between your emotions and work.

74. Intuition

A clear and direct symbolism of an intuition dream is that you need to be attentive towards your inner voice. Your subconscious mind needs to be heard by you.

Listen to your own inner voice and intuition, and try to analyze what are the matters concerning your subconscious.

75. Instructions

Dreams that enfold instructions are very crucial and they have an important significance in the dreamer’s life.

If you can recall the instruction, consider how it can be applied to a particular situation of your life.

76. Instrument

To dream of musical instruments represents your expectations related to entertainment and joy. You are all excited to enjoy your life to the fullest. You have a good sense of reciprocation.

If you are a musician in your waking world, the dream can be just a practice for you.

There are musical instruments that represent sex organs of humans and hence the dream can be a symbolism of your sexuality.

To dream of other types of instruments such as medical or surgical instruments suggests that you need to be mindful about your decisions.

77. Insulation

Dreaming of insulation symbolizes security and warmth. The dream can also be a message that you need to conserve your powers and stamina.

78. Insult

Did you see yourself insulting someone in your dream? Who was this person? If this was a known person who has caused you harm in your waking life, gather the courage to express your feelings in front of this person in reality.

Alternatively, the dream can also suggest that you are trying to hide your feelings or you are feeling uncomfortable about a particular relationship or condition of your waking life.

However, if you see someone insulting you in your dream, the dream is a representation of a poor self-confidence.

79. Insurance

Dreaming of insurance suggests two contradictory symbolism. One symbolism is security; while the other one is lack of reliability. Are you afraid of losing a valuable commodity? What’s that?

80. Intercourse

To dream of intercourse depicts the union of two different aspects of your own personality.

Intercourse denotes physical and psychological fulfillment.

The activities involved in the intercourse might be the unexpressed sexual desires that you own.  Such a dream can indirectly indicate your longing for physical and emotional support.

81. Interest

To dream of an interest suggests that you will soon reap the benefits of your hardships. Such a dream can be of great motivation and inspiration so that you move in the direction of your goal. The interest can be either for an ambition or a person.

82. Internet

Dreaming of the internet is a symbolism that you need to connect and socialize better with people around you. The dream can be all about the significance of networking.

For more information, you must consider the websites that you were surfing.

83. Intersection

If you dream of yourself being at an intersection, it represents a crucial decision that you need to make in your waking life.

84. Interview

Did you just envision an entire interview scenario going on in your dream?  Well, that must have been perspiring! But such a dream represents your worry or anxiety related to your own personality. Probably you think too much about how others will perceive you.

85. Intestines

To dream of the intestine implies confidence and courage. You are gifted with enough compassion to deal with the surprising twists of life.

86.  Intimacy

If you dream of an intimate moment, the dream represents your sexual desires. Is there something that you lack in your relationship? Are you not content with your current relationship? What is the one that you feel is missing?

If at all there is some issue, remember communication is the best way to get things sorted.

87. Intoxicated

If you see yourself being intoxicated, it means you are lacking control in a particular arena of your life. The dream can also suggest that you have attained a new type of knowledge or awareness. But overall, you need to be careful with your decisions and control in life.

88. Introduce

To see yourself being introduced to someone in your dream represents a sense of acceptance.

If you see yourself introducing someone else in your dream, it denotes that you are approving of a certain aspect of your own personality that was not expressed to date.

89. Invalid

If you see an invalid in your dreams, it represents a feeling of helplessness. Probably you are depending too much on others. The dream can also indicate that something in your life is invalid.

90. Investment

If you dream of investing in something it represents your backup for the future. You are preparing yourself for the coming days of success.

91. Invisible

If you dream of being invisible, it means you are being ignored by others. The dream can also denote that you are escaping the truths of life.

92. Invite

If you dream of being invited to a particular event, it shows that you have accepted yourself.

On the other hand, if you see yourself being ignored and not invited, it represents the feelings of rejection.

If you see yourself inviting others at an event but you forget about their arrival, it means you take their relationship for granted.

93. iPad

Dreaming of an iPad suggests modernity and social ties. The dream also denotes that you want to publish a fact about yourself. Try and recall the activity that you were performing on the iPad for further interpretation.

94. Iris

An iris in your dream denotes awareness, trust, peace, knowledge and purity. The dream can also represent that you need to keep an eye on a certain subject.

95. Iron

If you see an iron metal in your dream, it has symbolic representations of aggression, vulgarity, and impoliteness. The same dream can also signify dedication, tolerance and power.

However, if you see a red-hot iron in your dream, then there are certain opportunities that can be turned into an advantage.

96. Irrigate

Irrigating plants and fields in your dream represent a feeling of recovery. The dream can also symbolize spiritual or emotional growth.

97. Irritation

If you dream of being irritated, it can point towards an agitating situation in your life.

Instead of sitting with a negative pile of emotions, try to express them. Because the more you collect these feelings, the more your subconscious will be impacted.

98. Island

Dreaming of an island symbolizes relaxation, comfort and ease. Take some time off your busy schedule and take yourself on a vacation. Release some stress and find some “me” time for yourself.

Dreaming of an island can also symbolize that you are distancing yourself from the people around you.

99. Itch

To dream of itch represents some unaccomplished desires. It can be something that you always wanted to do but could not. The dream can also refer to your physical desires. 

100. Ivory

To dream of ivory depicts power, tolerance and purity.