Dream Dictionary for “Q”
Dream Dictionary for “Q”

1. Q

When you see the letter Q in your dream, it is a hint of your current state of mind. A direct pun for the word ‘cue’, it shows your patience. You are waiting for something to happen, something to give you a hint for your next step in life.

This dream can also mean that you have to wait in order to find satisfaction. Always hurrying and rushing around won’t help your cause.

2. Quack

The sound of a quack in your dreams is to give you a reality check. To hear the sound means that someone is trying to steal your idea.

It can be someone trying to revive an old idea or trying to imitate a thought.

Sometimes, it can also mean that you are being cheated and you are completely unaware of it. Look out for acts of fraud and keep asking questions. The dream warns you to be careful!

3. Quack Doctor

If you see a quack doctor in your dream, it is a serious warning for you. It is time for you to stay away from people who are acting fake or hiding their true selves.

In fact, this dream pushes you to find honest and good souls that help bring positivity to your life.

4. Quack Medicine

If you see yourself taking a quack medicine in your dream, you are being misguided in life. It highlights that you are stepping on the wrong path.

You should think more about your decisions and try to find the right course of action to solve your problems. Seek some advice and start trusting your instincts!

5. Quadruplets

If you see quadruplets in your dream, you are very close to achieving a positive outlook in life. It brings in feelings of wholesomeness and completeness.

Maybe, it is finally time for you to find answers, to get some peace and quiet in your journey.

6. Quagmire

If you see yourself trapped in a quagmire, it directly implies your state of mind. You are feeling stuck in life as you are unable to meet your commitments.

In fact, you are falling short of achieving your goals. It is time for you to step back and think about your purpose in life.

7. Quail

To see a Quail in your dreams is a symbol of love and happiness. It motivates you to move past the negativity in your life. It is only when you escape the chaos that you will find victory.

A Quail is always seen as a ray of hope in traditional culture. This ray of hope is known to guide people towards cheerfulness and contentment.

8. Quarantine

To dream and see yourself in a quarantine situation, guides you to actually move away from certain people in your real life.

It can be a wrong situation or a wrong action that you need to step away from. If you dream about someone else in quarantine, you need to help that person in real life.

9. Quarrel

A dream where you are having a quarrel with someone shows your internal negativity towards someone. Your dream brings out your feelings that are hidden or suppressed in your day-to-day life.

Your dissatisfaction and confusion are portrayed via a fight in your dream. This fight shows the battle happening in your mind that must be resolved as soon as possible.

Maybe it is time for you to express yourself and unburden yourself.

10. Quarry

To see a quarry in your dream means emotional suffering in your life. You’ve dug yourself a hole of pain and deep sadness in your real life.

This can be because of a breakup, a death in the family, or a tragic incident. Your life has been sucked into a void of misery and conflict. Your wish to fill the void in your life gets reflected in such a dream.

11. Questioning

Different types of questioning and incidents can mean different things for you. If you see yourself being rudely questioned in a dream, it shows that you will be asked for accountability in the future.

If the dream shows a stranger being politely questioned and have his answers accepted, it shows that you have profits and goodwill entering your


Sometimes, you also need to focus on which questions were asked and how did you feel during the dream for detailed interpretation.

12. Quartet

A quartet in your dream is a symbol of realism. You are working well in your job and not letting emotions control you.

In fact, you are on the right path of working in a supporting and well-oiled partnership. It can also mean that you are working as per your capacity and hoping for a good result.

Other than this, it also represents your hope to find support and symphony amongst people. You wish to communicate with those around you and face acceptance.

13. Queen

To see or be a queen in your dream, shows power, passion, and a desire for growth. It shows how you are or wish to be a strong personality who has influence and control.

It can also mean a symbol for your mother, who you miss dearly and who has been your support system.

To see a queen also shows that you are able to gain the trust of those around you. Your honor and reputation preceded you. It shows your desire to find admiration and love amongst your people.

14. Quest

To find yourself in the middle of a quest in your dream shows your actual progress in life. You are facing obstacles, challenges, and questions in your journey of life.

However, all these will lead you to the reward at the end of the quest. It is all a means to the end, in order to achieve the sweet taste of success.

15. Question

If you are questioning something in your dream, it shows the self-doubt growing in your subconscious mind.

It can also mean that you are someone who has the ability to question, the ability for critical thinking. Seek knowledge and answers, after which, you should get rid of all your insecurities.

16. Quicksand

A dream, where you are sinking in quicksand can be quite scary. It shows your misjudgments and insecurity.

You are wrongly comfortable in a situation that will soon become your worst nightmare.

Moreover, it can also reflect a weak foundation to new learning that you recently finished or plan to take.

17. Quicksilver

This dream shows your brewing and short temper. It also hints at a situation in your life that is making you angry.

However, it can also mean something positive. Your quick decision-making and fast career growth is also hinted at by such a dream. Time to think about it!

18. Quiet

To have a dream which is eery and quiet implies your mind’s desire for some solace and introspection. You need to work on yourself and find your spiritual balance.

This can also mean taking some time for a vacation or simply relieving yourself of professional commitments.

Sometimes, a quiet dream can also reflect your feeling of loneliness. Maybe you fought with your parents or your best friend. Your mind feels lost and alone without your loved ones.

19. Quill

To write using a quill in your dream shows success and prestige. It also implies traditional cultures and sometimes also symbolizes power. The power your words can have on the people around you.

If you use your quill well in real life, you will be able to achieve a better social status and wealth coming your way!

20. Quilt

To dream and see a quilt in your dream, means warmth and protection in your life. It can also mean a new project that gives you financial security. Or, it can hint at the positive presence of someone in your surroundings.

You should think deeper and see the meaning of the color and pattern of the quilt for deeper interpretation.

21. Quinine

To see quinine in your dream suggests that you need to take a breather in life. You are getting too stressed about things in life. Getting too worked up is ruining your work and mental peace.

On the other hand, it can also mean you are on a path to feel reenergized and rejuvenated in life. This can be because of unexpected good fortune and a huge celebration that is about to happen, where you’ll be the center of attention.

22. Quiver

To see a quiver in your dream symbolizes nervousness. It can mean that you are nervous about something that has been worrying you.

It can also mean that you are losing focus in your life and need to push forward with all the willpower that you have. Don’t let your nervousness cause you trouble.

Your aspirations need your hard work. This dream shows you to not let your ambitions get away from you. Keep everything aside and work ahead with full determination.

23. Quintuplets

To see quintuplets in your dream signifies the five senses of the human body. Sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, all working together in harmony for the existence of humans.

It shows the connection between the human mind and soul. You are probably feeling connected to someone in your real life as well!

24. Quota

To dream about meeting a given quota shows your overworked mind. You are taking too much pressure about an assignment and it’s impacting your mind.

It can mean that you are getting overwhelmed by everything happening around you. The fear of failure is creating a bad space in your head.

25. Quote

To give a price quote in a dream means that you have started valuing your talent. It suggests the higher value of your abilities and the respect you earn for your work.

If you see yourself quoting somebody in the dream, it can be a message for you. It means that you need to pay attention and follow the message.

26. Quoits

To be playing quoits in your dreams is often a hint towards a sexual conquest in your life. On the other hand, it can also mean that you need to refocus in life and find the right target.

The quoits are there to redirect you in the correct direction, to help you achieve better in your personal and professional life.

27. Quiz

To see a dream where you are taking a quiz means that you are worried about failure. It shows that you have a difficult test coming up in life that can be a deciding moment for your life goals.

You are worried about not meeting your expectations or hitting a roadblock. This dream brings out your insecurities in the open.

28. Quake

If you feel the tremors in your dream, it shows your mind’s confusion and distress. You are probably facing inner turmoil and need to make a decision soon.

A quake also shows if you are repressing anxiety and sadness in your life. It is a hint for you to fight the difficult times and not tremble in fear.

Trusting yourself and having faith will help you find calmness and strength.

29. Quarterback

To dream about being a quarterback shows an upcoming confrontation in your life. The ball signifies vitality and concentration.

If you are holding the ball, it means you found your true motive in your next goal.

However, if you are in a defending stance, it shows your nervousness about the future pitfalls coming your way.

30. Quay

A dream related to a quay can have multiple meanings. If you are standing at the dock and watching ships getting unloaded, it means that you are about to go on a unique journey.

If you are simply standing at the dock and enjoying the view, it means that your wishes in life are about to get fulfilled very soon.

31. Quinceanera

To dream about a Quinceanera means transition. It shows the transition of your life into adulthood. It signifies hopes, responsibility, decisions, and maturity.

It also shows how you are willing to step into the role of being an adult. In fact, the dream shows signs of conviction and peace for you.

32. Quran

A vision of the Quran shows the seven sides – knowledge, wisdom, trust, decision, strength, halal, and inheritance.

It shows your desire to achieve certain goals in life. It also means your dreams to gain trust and faith in your path of life.

The Quran shows holiness and honesty in the individual, who seeks hope and nourishment.

33. Quit

If you are dreaming about quitting your job, it can be a direct hint at your work troubles. It can also show the disturbance in your personal relationships.

You are frustrated and probably want a way out of an existing commitment. The dream shows anger, desire to leave, and depressed feelings that you are harboring.

34. Quartz

To see a quartz crystal in your dream shows energy and inspiration. It shows your deep desire to achieve power and the fire within you. You are very close to getting a new idea or an upgrade in life.

It is a hint towards a powerful change coming your way. You must be careful; it can either be a positive or negative adversity knocking on your door.

35. Quadrille

Quadrille is a known form of dancing. To dream of yourself dancing this square style, means that you are struggling to stick to your commitments.

It also means that you like to be a free bird, without any prior dues. A dream where you are dancing is often a general hint at happiness and joy that you are feeling in your life.

36. Quail Eggs

If you see quail eggs in your dream, they symbolize a drastic change in your life. In fact, you should start paying attention to your surroundings and try to anticipate this change.

Quail eggs in a dream are a hint for you to be prepared for the transition that is about to happen in your life.

37. Quarter

If you see a quarter in your dream, it symbolizes companionship. It means that you have found a true partner for yourself. It can also mean your personal freedom from the negativity in your life.

Sometimes, a quarter shows 1/4th of something in your life. It can mean that you aren’t doing enough or that you need to cut down on a bad habit.

38. Queen bee

To see a queen bee in a dream means growth and motherhood. It shows that your future is filled with opportunities for you to conquer.

A bee also signifies the ability to build and create something to help those around you.

Another common meaning is said that the dream shows your ability to survive and sustain, even in dark times.

39. Queen of hearts

This is a very rare dream that shows your selfishness. You have the access to the hearts of many but you don’t value them. It shows your arrogant attitude towards people in your life.

It hints for you to be a little selfless at times, especially for those who care about you. The queen of hearts is a strong personality but can often be misunderstood by her fellows.

40. Qtip

To see yourself using Qtip in a dream suggests that you need to slow down. It means that you need to start listening more calmly and avoid jumping to conclusions.

Maybe your poor hearing or impatience has caused you some trouble recently.

This dream is a hint for you to work on yourself and improve. Start exploring more opportunities and listen more carefully.

41. Quantity

If you see numbers in your dream, they can all show different hidden meanings.

If you see the number one, it shows your victory or desire to come first. If you see the number two, it usually means the need for balance. You need to find harmony and stability in life.

Sometimes, if you see a random item in a huge quantity, it can also mean something. Say, if you see many cakes in your dream, it hints at an upcoming celebration.

Don’t ignore such dreams and always find their true meanings!

42. QT

A dream where you are on the QT shows your secret intentions.

It can mean that one of your secrets has started bothering you. It can also mean that you are on the right path to unfold a mystery that has been haunting you for years.

Sometimes, this dream suggests that you need to stop hiding from yourself and fly around in the open.

43. Quaint

If you see a quaint house or a quaint landscape in your dream, it means that you crave to go back to your old life. It shows how much you value something that is old but still charming in its own way.

Sometimes, this can also imply old behaviors or incidents that have crept back into your life. A sign of curiosity, a quaint dream always has something to do with your past.

44. Quantum physics

This dream has a very strong spiritual meaning. It shows your true self is finally connecting to all the people, places, and things that surround you.

Quantum physics is often associated with the universal consciousness of an individual. It means that you are finding the strength to heal, to nourish, and to grow.

Slowly, your mind is getting rid of your past and letting you welcome your future.

45. Quinsy

If you see others being sick in your dream, it shows your sadness and anxiety. You either saw someone close to you fall sick recently or it is a past memory that makes you upset.

If you see yourself being sick in a dream, it can mean other things as well. One can be a discouraging thought that is haunting you. Another meaning can be that you are worried about falling sick and not living up to your best life.

46. Quintessence

A dream where you see Quintessence animals or feel yourself in quintessence means spiritual well-being. It means that your mind, soul, and body are recognizing their true potential.

Quintessence literally means perfection. These dreams show your steps towards being the perfect version of yourself. It shows your connection to mankind and mankind’s need to create, earn and survive.

47. Quip

If you hear a clever quip in your dream, it can mean that you are about to receive positive news. An amusing quip on the other hand can mean your journey to new places among new people.

In fact, if you hear a quip in a dream, it often shows that your mind is easily affected by others around you.

Sometimes, something serious can also show up as a fun quip in your dream, so that you can pay attention and understand better.

48. Quorum

To see a quorum-like situation in a dream suggests that you are about to agree with something in your life. It can also imply your agreement on a work project or a family decision.

Maybe you were unsure about something and this is your subconscious mind telling you the right decision.

Sometimes, if you see the topic of discussion and then a quorum in the dream, then it means that you are about to take the lead on something big in life.

Once you take the leap, you are bound to get the victory.

49. Quality

If you find yourself worrying about the quality of something in your dream, it hints at procrastination. You need to take this dream as a reality check and get to work. It can be a dream about the quality of anything, from a bed to a sheet of paper.

If you feel the dream is about something of poor quality, it means that you are performing below expectations. If the dream is highlighting good qualities, it shows acceptance and great achievements.

50. Quartette

To dream about a Quartette, where you are playing shows joy and companionship. It shows your aspiration to become something beyond you.

A quartette where you are playing implies your humble and harmonious nature. As a person, you are doing things right in life and you’ll soon get the rewards you deserve.

51. Quash

This signifies your desire to stop something. It can also mean stopping yourself from doing the wrong deed or fighting against something wrong.

However, when you fight the battle, this dream shows your way of doing it diplomatically. Often, being diplomatic works in your favor but sometimes, it might not be the best way out.

52. Quasimodo

If you see a Quasimodo in your dream, it shows feelings of shame. Maybe, you are worried and ashamed about something you did or plan to do.

In fact, it shows your fear of being ignored and exiled by your people. It’s your mind’s projection of your insecurities and imperfections that are causing chaos in your life.

53. Qubba

If you see Qubba in your dream, it shows unexpected honor and respect coming your way. It shows how someone who is close to you has been praising your efforts.

Sometimes, you might find yourself inside a qubba and climbing it. This shows your will to find fortune and your hard work to climb the ladder of success.

54. Quince

If you see a plate of cooked quince jelly in your dream, it suggests annoying behavior. It can imply the annoying behavior of a friend or a family member. You should try to find a solution to this behavior but also tread smartly.

Though, a dream about eating quince means something entirely different. It means that you are doing something stupid in your life and need to change things to get back on track.

55. Quaker

A dream where you see a quaker shows that you need to focus on being self-sufficient. It can also mean relying less on others and more on your own merits and talent.

The dream also hints at the need for introspection. It is only when you look within your own mind that you find the right answers.

56. Queue

If you see a huge queue in your dream, it suggests limitations and boundaries. Maybe you have recently set some ground rules at work or in your personal life. These rules are limiting you from moving ahead and keeps you occupied.

The dream can also be related to movement. If you see yourself standing in a line for a long time without any signs of change, it means that your life is also at a standstill. Your wish to move on and be more aware is portrayed in this dream.

57. Quibble

If you hear a quibble in your dream, it means that you have a pile of criticism coming your way. A quibble is often a punny way to show objection. It can mean somebody else will be questioning your work.

Sometimes, it can also reflect on self-doubt. If you are being too critical of yourself, a quibble in your dream won’t be uncommon. 

58. Questionnaire

If you see a questionnaire in your dream, it shows the light of curiosity in your mind. Your nature of asking the right questions at the right time can lead to these kinds of dreams.

If you see yourself confidently and quickly filling up a questionnaire, it means that you are on a positive road of life with nothing to hide.

However, if you are seeing yourself doubt everything while filling a questionnaire, it shows your uncertainty and confusion in life.

59. Quadrupeds

If you see any four-footed animal in your dream, it can mean a variety of things. Usually, seeing a four-footed animal is linked to good fortune. However, seeing any unusual or rare animal can also mean bad luck.

Whenever you have such a dream, focus on the type of animal. Also, it is important to see what the animal is doing in your dream. Say, if you see a Horse running on the ground, it can imply a possibly fast-approaching opportunity on your way.

61. Quesadilla

If you see a quesadilla in your dream, it shows how you are on the path to nurture yourself. The dream signifies circular patterns that hold the key to your nourishment.

62. Quick

If you see yourself walking quickly in a dream, it shows your completeness in a spiritual sense. It can also mean that you need to finish something quickly and on priority.

Sometimes, if you see yourself tearing down something quickly, it means that you will soon need to defend your credibility. However, a dream of a quick-paced animal can mean something entirely different.

63. Quick Pace

If you are having such a dream, you need to focus on the reason behind the hurrying pace. If you are seeing yourself, it shows your personal inhibitions. On the other hand, it can also mean lack of preparation and upcoming dangers for you.

If you see someone else, it shows the possibility of the bad escaping your life and the good stepping in. It also shows that you have to handle new challenges with care otherwise the best opportunities will escape your fingers.

64. Quimby

To see a Quimby in your dreams means to see the estate of a woman. This estate can show your own future or your family’s existing fortune.

Sometimes, it can also show your desire to own land. 

65. Quillan

To see a Quillan in your dream shows the person you love. It shows warmth and understanding for the people in your close circle.

66. Quixotic

A quixotic dream is about your wish to change the world. It can also mean that there are events happening around you that can make a big impact.

67. Quotation Marks

To see quotation marks in your dreams means your mind is trying to bring something to your attention. You should remember such cases and act on them.

Sometimes, a quotation mark can also show up if you are going through an important phase in your life.

68. Quranic Verses

If you see yourself reading Quranic verses in a dream, it shows you’re dedicated to the holy book. It is indicative of your interpretations and faith.

If the verses indicate mercy, it can mean well for you. If the verses are of repentance, it means you regret the misdeeds you’ve done and might soon be punished for your sins.

69. Quench

To see a quenching action in your dream means the possibility of ending something. In its darkest meaning, it shows someone cutting off the source of life for you.

Often such dreams are shown in the form of a candle burning out.

70. Qualifications

If you dream about qualifications, it may mean that you are soon going to seize some opportunities.

71. Quintin

The dream usually refers to the number five. It can also mean the fifth day of the month, the fifth hour of an important day, or anything else.

Sometimes, it shows that you need to be cautious of the number five. However, if you see a positive dream where Quintin plays a role, it can also mean that the number five is lucky for you!

72. Quinn

To see a Quinn in your dream shows enlightenment. It shows that you might soon receive enlightenment about something.

It can also mean that others have started seeing you as the enlightened and knowledgeable one in the group.

73. Queen Elizabeth

To see a strong personality like Queen Elizabeth in your dream means that you are confused. This confusion is because of the fact that you cannot figure someone out.

Sometimes, it is difficult to read a person. This dream shows your struggle in knowing a person you met recently.

74. Queasy

If you think you are having a queasy dream, it shows that you need to have better judgment in life. The feeling of sickness or nervousness hints at poor decision-making skills.

This dream also occurs when you are at a crossroads in life. Making the right decision can make a huge difference in your future!

75. QVC

This dream is usually related to a stress-free and relaxed mindset. The dream shows that you have everything you need within your reach.

It also shows how you have the ability to make choices and take advantage of the opportunities coming your way.