Dream Dictionary for “V”
Dream Dictionary for “V”

1. V

The letter ‘V’ in your dream symbolizes ‘Victory”. It represents peace and progress. The dream can also represent Roman Number 5.

2. Vacant

To see a vacant space in your dream suggests that you need some private space in your waking life.

It can either be an emotional space or a physical space, but all in all, you need to distance yourself from complex affairs and focus on your own requirements.

However, to see a vacancy can also represent something that you lack in your waking life.

3. Vacation

Dreaming of a vacation denotes that you are in need of some sort of rejuvenation. Take a break from your daily routine and the usual errands that grind you and do something that makes you happy.

The dream can also represent your accomplishments. It shows that you are rewarding yourself for the hard work and dedication.

To envision a vacation that does not feel comfortable indicates that your responsibilities are following you. You may be finding it extremely difficult to tackle all your difficulties.

4. Vaccination

If you dream of getting vaccinated, stay assured that things that may cause you temporary pain are going to benefit you significantly in the future.

Also, the dream suggests that you must confront and defeat your vulnerabilities. Besides, you also need to take care of your physical as well as mental health.

5. Vacuum

It is entirely possible to dream of a vacuum if you’re experiencing a void in your life already!

Secondly, the dream can also suggest that you need to polish your behavior, your actions and your attitude. It would be better if you could separate yourself from negative and outdated ideas.

On the other hand, if you see yourself vacuuming in your dream it means you feel sucked by a problematic situation in your life.

6. Vagina

If a female dreams of her own vagina, it reveals her feminine attitude towards sex. Such a dream can also symbolize fertility, warmth, softness, and life.

If you see another woman’s vagina in your dream, it indicates your sexual urge.

It could also signify that new ideas are taking birth in your mind.

7. Valentine

Sending Valentines in your dream indicates that you need to be more expressive about your love and affection.

On the other hand, if you see yourself accepting valentine, it represents your compassion and humble nature.

If you see a box of valentines in the dream, it indicates the return of an old lover.

8. Valentine’s Day

Dreaming of Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of a new relationship. If you are already in a relationship, it might take a positive turn. The dream can also be an implication of your love.

Have you yet not confessed your love to the special one? Go ahead and make the confession! This is what the dream asks you to do!

9. Valet

Dreaming of a valet indicates that you make a lot of effort in directing others towards their goal, but unfortunately, you are unable to do the same for yourself. You lack direction.

If you see a valet parking your car, it means people dictate your life. Besides, you give a higher preference to other’s goals.

10. Valley

To see a valley in your dream denotes fulfillment, fertility, and abundance. It can also indicate that you need shelter and security.  

If you see yourself walking through a valley, the dream is an expression of your anxiety related to death.

Death may also represent a transitional phase in your life.

Looking down at a valley signifies that you have successfully defeated your obstacles.

11. Valve

A Valve in your dream denotes that you need to stay calm even if you are put under tremendous pressure and anxiety.

It is always easier said than done, but remember – this is going to help you in the long run.

12. Vampire

A vampire in your dream symbolizes death and fear. It also symbolizes lust and seduction. The Vampire can reveal both a civilized and aggressive face.

Probably, a person who you find extremely charming at present has the ability to cause you harm in the long run. Do not tolerate any such person, no matter how close they are.

Vampires in your dream often relate to loss of virginity. Other than that, if you are an addict, a possessive or obsessed person in your relationship, there are greater chances of you to dream of a vampire. 

13. Van

Driving a van in your dream symbolizes rationality and comfort. Observe the amount of load that you are carrying and how you handle it for additional interpretation.

14. Vandalism

It is possible for you to dream of committing vandalism if you feel suppressed or treated unfairly in your real life. Someone might be causing injustice to you.

However, if you see vandalism committed by someone else in your dream, it means you need to express your feelings in a more controlled and behaved manner in front of others.

15. Vanilla

Tasting or smelling vanilla in your dreams symbolizes purity, innocence, love, warmth, and welcoming nature.

16. Vanish

The fear of losing our loved ones and valuable objects is completely justified. And such fear can often result in dreams where the people and objects related to the dreamer start to vanish.

You might be feeling that people who you trust are going to leave you deserted.

This is the time when you need to focus on your self-esteem, courage, and self-confidence.

17. Vanity

A vanity in your dream suggests that you need to prepare for some crucial events or occurrences. Invest the best that you have.

Other than this, it may also mean that you are being too “vain” or cocky.

18. Varnishing

Varnishing something in your dream implies that you are trying to cover up mistakes in your real life.

It can also imply that you are masking. The one that you are presenting, is not the real you.

19. Vase

An ornamental or a fancy vase in your dream suggests that you like to be admired and appreciated by others.

To see a vase can also represent other factors such as the female womb, feminine aspects, and creativity. Further, the dream can also signify that you are acceptable towards all kinds of suggestions, ideas, and criticisms.

A damaged or broken vase represents lost love.

20. Vasectomy

If a man dreams of vasectomy, it denotes that he is unsatisfied with his sex life. It can also imply that the person is being troubled by some sort of self-doubt, insecurities, or self-esteem.

21. Vaseline

To dream of Vaseline implies that it is time to move on from your past. Enough of dwelling in the past traumas. It is time for emotional healing.

So, if there is any such issue that requires a touch of smoothening, go ahead and make the effort.

22. Vat

A Vat in your dream symbolizes a mother’s womb and a safe place. Observe what’s inside the vat.

How do you feel about the product? The way you feel about this particularly contained object is how you are being treated by someone in your waking life.

Accordingly, an empty vat implies an empty soul.

23. Vatican

Dreaming of a Vatican suggests deep spiritual enlightenment and illumination. It depicts recreation, hope, and some unbelievable profits.

24. Vault

Dreaming of a Vault represents your caliber, inner potential, ability, resources, and conscience. The dream might be suggesting you make the best use of your inner potential.

25. Vaulting

If you see someone vaulting in your dream, it represents your dedication and movement towards your goal. You are giving your best to fight your obstacles.

The better you perform the vault, the better is your self-confidence.

26. VCR

Dreaming of a VCR can be referring to the image you create for yourself. It also refers to the past lessons that may still assist you in your current decisions.

A VCR in your dream can also signify that you need to keep a record of some previously overlooked documents, records, memories, events, actions, etc.

27. Vegetables

To see vegetables in your dream denotes that you need nutrition and nourishment. You can either be in need of spiritual nurturing or nutritional supplements.

The dream can also be a pun on: stop “vegging” and start acting maturely.

28. Vegetarian

If you dream of being a vegetarian despite that you are not one in your waking life, the dream marks your self-control and discipline.

You do not get swayed away by temporary gratifications, rather you practice control.

29. Vegetation

To dream of vegetation refers to growth, advancement, fulfillment, and progress. You have successfully tackled all your difficulties to progress and grow in life as a human.

30. Vehicle

To interpret the meaning of a dream of a vehicle, consider the type of vehicle. The type of vehicle signifies the type of control you have over your life.

If you see someone else in the driving seat, this is the person controlling your life. To see yourself being thrown from a vehicle reveals your impulsiveness.

31. Veil

A veil in a dream signifies femininity, shyness, and innocence.

To see that someone or you are wearing a veil suggests that you are feeling uncomfortable about revealing certain facts. Things might be different from how they appear.

If a man dreams of wearing a veil, it represents his feminine qualities. Perhaps, you are being asked to acknowledge these qualities within yourself.

32. Veins

Do not take things for granted if you dream of veins. The veins represent a test to check your caliber and ableness.

33. Velcro

Velcro, if attached to a shoe in your dream, signifies that you are heading towards success. It may also imply that you need to make quick access to something.

Alternatively, dreaming of velcro also signifies a sticky matter. 

34. Velvet

To dream of wearing a velvet dress or touching a velvet signifies pride, reputation, and recognition. Velvet represents seduction and feelings.

The dream of wearing velvet pants symbolizes sensuality.

35. Velvet Rope

A velvet rope in your dream signifies that you feel privileged and special with better access to opportunities.

Hence, you don’t need to follow an old track if it no longer brings you pleasure and profits. You own the complete freedom to change your track.

36. Vending Machine

A vending machine in your dream refers to subjects that are out of your control. In order to meet your goals, you need to work harder.

37. Venereal Disease

It is completely possible for you to dream of a Venereal disease if you are undergoing an emotionally or physically low period of your life.

You might be feeling too low in this phase. A relationship might not seem to work at all. Alternatively, the dream can also be pointing towards insecurities related to sex.

38. Venom

We all know that venom is poisonous. Venom in your dream indicates that you hold a lot of pent-up anger or aggressive feelings against someone. Perhaps, such hostile feelings have started to surface on your behavior.

The dream can also imply that you need to work on your insecurities, self-love, and self-esteem.

39. Vent

To dream of a vent shows that you are looking for the correct time and occasion where you can open about yourself and express your feelings freely.

A dusty vent denotes that you are overlooking certain emotions. All in all, a vent is symbolic of emotional release.

40. Venus

As we know Venus symbolizes love, beauty and femininity.

To dream of Venus symbolizes feminine aspects, fertility, desires, and love. It may also represent things that excite you in life.

41. Venice

If you see Venice in your dream, it suggests that you are yearning for romance and love in your waking life.

42. Venus Flytrap

A Venus flytrap in your dream symbolizes a sensually devouring woman. The woman in your life is way more bearing and strong. The dream can reveal your cranky nature.

If the Venus Flytrap eats you, it indicates that you are being overly dominated by a female in your life.

43. Veranda

To see a veranda in your dream represents how you perceive life. It also implies that a problematic and suffocating situation has come to an end.

44. Verdict

If you dream of hearing a verdict, it denotes that you must face the realities and truths of life, no matter how unacceptable they seem to be.

The dream could also imply that you are facing a lot of criticism and judgment in your waking life.

45. Vermin

Dreaming of vermin signifies discomfort, illness, and difficulty. You might be subjected to a lot of difficulties and challenges.

The dream can also imply some worst phases of your life and hardships.

46. Vertical

A vertical line in your dream refers to a spiritual arena or a miraculous power. This is a time for self-analysis, self-discovery, spiritual enlightenment, and deep vision.

47. Vertigo

If you dream of having vertigo, it marks an imbalanced state of mind where you might be experiencing a lot of anxiousness and discomfort.

It is possible for you to have lower self-confidence and self-esteem.

48. Vessels

A vessel in your dream refers to emotional issues, hardship, activity, and industry.

49. Vest

If you see yourself in a vest in your dream, the dream can be revealing that you have “vested” yourself in a person or a project.

It also shows that as a human, you possess a lot of compassion.

50. Veterinarian

The occurrence of a veterinarian in your dream suggests that you need to shape your social behavior so that your personality becomes more acceptable to people around you.

While it is not always important to change for others, it is important to ensure that others feel comfortable around us.

51. Vex

If you see yourself being vexed about something in your dream, the particular issue can be troubling your waking life as well.

Or, there are some other significant issues that cause you anxiety. Try to get a clear picture of these issues, so that you can deal with them faster, and better.

52. Vibrate

If you feel a vibration in your dream, it can indicate that you need to focus on your instincts and feelings. It can also be directing you towards some sexual urges.

Consider the type of vibration and the body part that feels it, for a better interpretation.

53. Vibrator

If you see yourself using a vibrator in your dream, it is trying to draw your focus towards your sexual requirements and other sexual aspects.

54. Vicar

The appearence of a vicar in your dream suggests that you need to acknowledge your spiritual desires and necessities.

55. Victim

It is highly possible for you to dream of yourself being a victim if you are undergoing oppression in your real life.

You might be feeling powerless, helpless, and hopeless in a real-life situation. Are you scared to make your own decisions, thinking of their consequences? That’s what the dream suggests!

56. Victorian

If you dream of being in a Victorian period, you might be feeling sexually oppressed where you are unable to express your sexual desires or other types of feelings freely.

Similarly, dressing in the Victorian style symbolizes a lack of freedom.

57. Victory

To envision victory in your dream works as a motivation for your goal if you are already putting your efforts into it. The dream denotes that you are confident about your inner potential.

58. Video

To see yourself editing a video in your dream reveals that you are contemplating how others perceive you.

You are pretending that your life runs pretty smoothly, and you are trying to be socially acceptable. 

59. Video Chat

To dream of being on a video call can refer to your desire to communicate with someone about your emotions and feelings in your waking life. 

However, depending on how comfortable you feel on the call, the dream can be asking you to stay at a distance from a person.

60. Video Camera

Using a video camera in your dream suggests you focus on your goals and objectives more clearly. Do not get swayed away by distracting emotions, keep your decisions practical and rational.

To see someone else using a video camera suggests that you are trying to relive your good memories or you are trying to learn from your past lessons.

61. Video Game

If you dream of playing a video game, you might be artful in convincing others to do what you want them to be doing. It also implies that you want to take an escape from the realities of your life.

If you are a character of the game, the dream implies that you are being manipulated.

62. Videotape

To understand the message behind the dream of a videotape, analyze its title, the content, the lesson and see how each of them relates to your current life. The tape can be recreating some past memories and past incidents.

The dream can also suggest that you take a break from the hectic and monotonous schedule of your daily life and go for some sort of relaxation, entertainment, and thrill.

Even activities such as rewinding and forwarding the tape can leave significant interpretations.

Rewinding a tape suggests that you regret your past actions. Forwarding a tape suggests that you are running away from your current situation and reality.

63. Village

If you dream of being in a village, on one hand, it represents the rules and restrictions. You need to bear with these rules in your waking life.

On the other hand, it represents culture, tradition, compassion, simplicity, and community.

64. Villain

A villain in your dream represents the negative aspects of your own personality. However, the dream also denotes that you are unhappy with these aspects and not happy to accept them.

65. Vinegar

Tasting vinegar in your dream refers to a sour relationship or a sour situation in your dream. Secondly, the dream asks you to put in your best efforts instead of panicking unnecessarily in a situation.

66. Vines

To dream of vines represents your aspirations, ambitions, thoughts, ideas, and even a soulful relationship. You can feel entrapped in such a relationship. You might want to break up but your emotions don’t let you do so.

However, grapevines in your dream suggest spirituality, growth, and rewards. They also signify sensuality and sex.

67. Vinyl

To dream of vinyl represents restriction and inabilities. It can also imply a protective layer that you might have worn to keep yourself protected from emotional trauma or shock.

If something is Vinyl in your dream, it means you are being dishonest to yourself.

68. Violated

To see that you have been violated in your dream represents oppressive feelings and occurrences in your waking life.

You might feel stuck in such circumstances, but do not blame yourself for the situation. Things will start to fall in place with time. Keep patience and keep working towards the best.

69. Violence

If you see yourself creating violence towards others in your dream, it indicates that you are struggling to defeat some difficult aspects of your own personality.

Dreaming of violence also indicates that you are punishing yourself. In such a situation, you might feel hopeless and guilty.  Basically, violence in your dream points towards repressed aggression.

70. Violets

 Dreaming of violet signifies spiritual bliss, happiness, compassion, and peace. It can also represent coyness and a tendency to cover your background.

71. Violin

A violin in your dream is a sign of tranquility, familiarity, togetherness, and joy in your waking life. A broken violin denotes the opposite factors such as sorrow, disappointment, and separation.

Alternatively playing violin in your dream signifies art, pride, refinement, and recognition.

72. Virgin

A dream of being a virgin does not really imply that you are a virgin in your waking life.  The dream symbolizes ability and purity along with innocence.

In fact, if a non-virgin dreams of being a virgin, it means she is regretful about some of her past deeds.

No matter how long you keep lingering in the past, it’s not worth it!  Keep moving in the direction of your goals.

If you dream of someone else being a virgin, it represents truthfulness and depth.

Losing virginity in your dream points towards your own desire of getting intimate with someone. You are longing to satisfy your physical and emotional requirements of love.

73. Virgin Mary

A virgin Mary in your dream represents the qualities such as spiritual upliftment, selfless love, care, motherhood, and compassion.

On a negative note, the dream can also so be an expression of a suppressed fear related to sex and relationships.

74. Virgo

If you see someone to be a Virgo in your dream, it reveals your “perfectionist” side. The dream also represents perfection, cleanliness, intricate details, and release of feelings.

75. Virus

If you see yourself having a viral infection in a dream, the contamination suggests that you are having a disappointing or emotionally harmful situation going on in your life.  The virus represents obstacles that block your way.

However, if we interpret the dream directly, it suggests that you need to pay a lot of attention to your health and well-being.

To see that your computer has been infected by a virus suggests that an aspect of your life is getting beyond control.

76. Vision

To dream of visions indicates that you have the freedom to explore different adventures. Your mind is free and creative at present.

To see an obstructed vision indicates that you lack a clear insight and you might make an incorrect judgment in your waking life.

77. Visit

To dream of visiting someone suggests that you should communicate and meet this person because you have been avoiding this bond for a while now.

78. Visitor

A visitor in your dream represents an important disclosure or revelation. You might come across some significant information or news.

The visitor can also represent a new phase in your waking life; however, if you do not welcome the visitor happily, it means you are denying the change.

Alternatively, the visitor in your dream can also suggest approaching love.

79. Vitamins

To dream of vitamins suggests that you are in need of a strong commitment, determination and willpower. Make sure you work on this subject and improve yourself.

On the other hand, a direct implication of the dream is that you need to improve your nutrition and diet to stay fit and healthy.

80. Vivisection

When you dream of vivisection, consider the qualities and the behavioral aspects of the animal that is being vivisected. Try to draw a clear relation and implication of the same in your waking life.

Other than that, to dream of vivisection signifies that you want to get rid of unwanted junk from your life.

81. Vlogging

Dreaming of creating vlogs symbolizes that you are in search of opportunities that let you express your personal opinion and thoughts.

You are in need of deep and inclusive conversations.

It can be because most of your conversations are boring and there is nobody to respond on the other side.

82. Voguing

Voguing in your dream represents your fashion style, confidence, and attitude. You make your own statements with your individualistic ideas.

83. Voice Mail

Dreaming of a voicemail is symbolic of a pivotal suggestion that you may have previously skipped in your waking life.

Get back to the piece of advice and see how you can apply it to your current situation.

84. Voiceless

For a person with lower self-esteem and underwhelming self-confidence, it is entirely possible to dream that you have become voiceless.

The dream basically suggests that you are unable to take a stand for yourself and speak up when it’s your turn. You lack courage and self-trust.

85. Voice

To dream of a voice suggests you open up about your thoughts and ideas and be loud about your decisions.

If you hear a message, it can be your subconscious or spiritual self, guiding you.

86. Volcano

To see a volcanic eruption in your dream denotes that your emotions are no longer under your control.

You can have an outburst of your feelings at any moment. But mind you, the consequences can be negative too.

However, a dormant volcano represents disputes that have been settled and emotional issues that have been pacified.

87. Volleyball

The game of volleyball in your dream marks a confusing state of mind where you are not able to commit to anything.

Playing the game depicts teamwork, unity, cooperation, and its importance. Stop depending on others for your requirements and start taking independent decisions to fulfill your own requirements.

88. Volume

Dreaming of adjusting the volume suggests that you are longing to be audible. You are in need of communication where others hear you speaking and they respond to you. 

As of now, people are inattentive towards you, and hence, you feel ignored and avoided in your waking life.

89. Volunteer

To be a volunteer in your dream implies that a person or a particular situation requires your interference and help.

It also represents service, charity, and assistance.

90. Vomiting

To see that you are vomiting indicates that it is time to separate yourself from a negative aspect of your life. Nobody is asking you to escape your feelings and emotions, rather, face them and then let go of the same.

To dream of someone else vomiting reveals that there are people who try to take advantage of you in your waking life, by pretending fake affection.

91. Vortex

To dream of vortex denotes that some repressed feelings of aggression might come to surface. Such feelings are about to get beyond control, no matter how hard you try to suppress them.

Instead, take some time and reconcile these feelings via self-talk or by communicating with a trustworthy person.

92. Vote

To cast a vote in your dream represents your desire to connect a larger group of people or to enact on a public level platform.

As an ambitious person, you look for acceptance, response, support, and approval. Alternatively, the dream can be an expression of a simple opinion related to your waking life.

93. Voting Booth

To dream of a poll booth or a voting booth signifies that you have a desire to bring a difference in the society where you live. You want to leave an impression on your surroundings.

Secondly, the dream can also symbolize that you feel suffocated.

94. Voucher

A voucher in your dream represents all your endeavors and hard work that you have invested in for a cause.

Eventually, your efforts are going to pay off, because there are fresh opportunities coming your way.

95. Vow

To see that you are taking vows in your dream implies that a promise made by you is going to have a lasting effect on others. The vow can be a message that you must not forget your responsibilities.

To dream of marriage vows signify that you will soon commit to a relationship.

96. Voyage

To dream that you are a part of a voyage symbolizes advancement, success, self-discovery, and gain. You can be undergoing an emotional recovery or self-analysis.

Consider how you feel and how the surroundings appear, for additional significance of the dream.

97. Voyeur

If you see that you are a voyeur, the dream represents your fear of not achieving your desire.

Probably you are afraid that your wishes are not going to be granted in the near future. You might also feel hesitant to indulge in a relationship or a complicated situation. 

98. Vulnerable

To dream of a vulnerable situation represents your anxiety about a particular condition in your waking life.

Usually, living beings dream because they are anxious about a certain matter.

So, if you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, the dream was supposed to cause such discomfort. It does not have a significant implication as such.

99. Vulture

A vulture is always in search of opportunities to satisfy its hunger.

If you dream of a vulture, it symbolizes deep analysis, self-discovery, and purification. Some past experiences can prove to be helpful in dealing with a present situation.

Alternatively, the dream can also alarm you of people who have their eyes fixed on you and they are waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of you.

Vulture also symbolizes death and rebirth.

100. Vulva

A vulva in your dream symbolizes the power of creation, regeneration, and creative forces.