Dream Dictionary for “X”
Dream Dictionary for “X”

1. X

The letter X in your dream represents a cross that is asking you to stop doing something immediately.

You might be performing a task incorrectly and that may have negative repercussions in your life.

2. X (marks the spot)

If you dream about a mysterious setting, probably a treasure hunt, where you see that the treasure is indicated by the symbol X marked on your map – or any other clue for that matter, it can mean a variety of things depending on the size of the symbol.

If you see a considerably large X then you’re expected to be honored with recognition and rewards. It also suggests that your goals are on the doorstep.

But, if the treasure trove is marked with a miniature X, then it suggests that troubling situations might knock at your door along with some hefty losses. However, they can be avoided if you work with caution thereby trying to resolve the situation immediately.

3. X-files

X-files, usually, are cases that seem difficult or almost impossible to solve.

Dreaming of such files may indicate that you are enthusiastic about digging deeper into things and are willing to discover information. The new information can also astonish your ideas and beliefs.

It also indicates that you are brave enough to lead yourself into a discovery towards finding your true self.

4. X-rated

X-rated is referred to sexually explicit material or scenes that are considered pornographic.

Now dreaming about such scenarios represents your suppressed sexual feelings or subdued sensual desires.

It can also mean that you have a strong sexual desire for someone. It is also possible that your dreams are hinting you to lead a wholesome life while finding healthy ways to integrate your sexuality into it.

5. X-ray

X-ray is a tool to provide detailed insights that are usually not seen from the naked eye. So, when you dream of an X-ray it suggests that you are keen to know about the intricate details in your life. You want to read between the lines and find out the crux of all the experiences.

It can also mean that you retain the ability to inspect matters deeply and obtain a truthful view of situations. Such dreams also suggest well-being and a healthy future without worries.

Further, they are also indicators of a subdued problem and recurring anxiety. X-rays are supposed to be handled with care because of their malicious nature, so these dreams are also a warning for you to stay alert.

If you dream about being in the process of getting an x-ray then you fear being exposed.

Overall, x-ray dreams represent the desire to get a clear and detailed insight into the different areas of life.

6. X-box

Literally, Xbox is one of the most loved gaming tools and dreaming about playing with it represents your desire to pursue adventure. The heroic aspects of your personality where you act courageously must be surfacing in your real life.

It also represents your curious yearning to win and desire to obtain expertise in the field of strategy building and gaming.

7. X-ray vision

Having an x-ray vision means you can see through everything in your dream.

Such dreams also indicate that you should activate your sixth sense and try to attain a deeper insight into the situations and examine them to find out the truth.

8. Xanax

Xanax is a tranquilizer that is used as an anti-anxiety component. Dreaming of Xanax represents your desire to get rid of the emotional turmoil you’re facing.

It also indicates your willingness to acquire balance in your life and anchor your position thereby taking control of your feelings. 

9. Xena

Xena is the powerful protagonist of a historical fantasy set in ancient Greece.

If you are a woman dreaming about Xena then it means that you desire to be respected and are experiencing a lack of power in your personal life.

If the other genders dream about Xena then they may desire a powerful woman in their life.

10. Xenophobia

Xenophobia is termed as fear of strangers that results in bitterness towards them. If you are the one to show xenophobic behavior towards someone in your dream, it means you are paranoid and insecure about things and people in your life.

On the other hand, if someone is behaving xenophobic towards you then it represents your fear of rejection and also the fear of people repudiating your true self.

It can also indicate the loss of a companion and household problems.

11. Xerox

Over the years Xerox became a synonymous term for photocopy when originally it was a company that introduced photocopying machines.

Now, photocopying is an activity that is repetitive and represents familiarity. It represents your desire to redo an activity to present it in a better way.

In other words, it represents a perfectionist character where you have the desire to keep repeating some action that did not generate satisfactory results.

12. Xerox machine

Xerox machine represents your struggle to choose between your authentic self vs your ideal personality. It may also represent your concern about your work being duplicated or copied.

Improving your personality as a whole is not changing from your real self. And no matter how hard you try to imitate to be someone else as a person, you will be the real you!

Overall, seeing Xerox machines in your dreams represents duplication.

13. Xylophone

If you dream about watching or listening to the maestros of xylophone then you probably want to achieve such glory and fame in your own field within an inspired period of time.

The type of music and the quality of music emanating from the xylophone is of utmost importance towards finding the real meaning of that dream.

If you dream of pleasant sounds radiating from Xylophone, it suggests fortune in social life and sometimes upcoming business and domestic achievements as well. In contrast to this, unpleasant sounds are indicative of potential chaos that must be sorted immediately.

Xylophone had a significant presence in the childhood of most people and this can suggest that you’re feeling joyful.

Lastly, if the xylophone is broken, it means that you regret some decisions in life or you regret not listening to someone’s advice.