Dream Dictionary for “U”
Dream Dictionary for “U”

1. U

To dream of the alphabet U can direct towards a decision or a situation that you need to revisit. It can also hint at “you.”

The existence of many things does not make sense or have solid proof, like the UFO or a U-boat. It can be that you are trying to decode an unfamiliar object.

You believe that this exploration can help you balance the various aspects of your life. The letter can also indicate your attraction towards all things quirky.

2. U-Turn

Dreaming of taking a U-turn can refer to a change in your lifestyle. Like on the road, a U-turn indicates a shift in direction; in life, it means a change of plan.

Your life is shifting its course, and so are you.

3. Udder

If you see cow udder in your dream, it indicates that you will receive a precious gift. But if you have it, brace yourself! A misfortune is coming your way.

4. UFO

If you dream of UFOs or are scared of aliens, it means you are trying to identify with the parts of yourself that you have trouble coming into terms with.

If the characters appear too different from you, it indicates your sense of individuality and feelings towards the specific object.

Seeing that aliens are kidnapping you is a metaphor for how your insecurity relating to your pseudo personality enslaves you. Losing your identity is the sacrifice you make to fit in.

Alternatively, the dream can be a projection of your feelings regarding being an outsider.

5. UFC

Dreaming of being a participant in a UFC represents your competitive nature. You don’t fear fighting for what you want.

Alternatively, it can also be a reflection of your anger. If you fight with a specific person, all your strength and aggression fall on them. They become a victim of something they are not at fault.

However, if you win the match, consider it to be a positive reinforcement. You are bigger than your problems, and you will come out of them.

6. Ugly

To have dreams of something ugly denotes traits that you are not fully aware of yourself. It can also be a traumatic experience or an unpleasant situation.

If you dream of dogs and cats, it tends to be representing the ugly front of your inherent attributes and behavior. If you dream of an ugly child, consider it to be a new habit that you have recently developed. It can be that you are ashamed of it.

But if someone is calling you ugly in your dream, there are high chances that your insecurity is overpowering your subconscious. You are taking others’ negative opinions of you too seriously.

7. Ukulele

Do you think that you are developing a crush on someone? If so, dreaming of ukelele can suggest your growing fondness towards that person.

It can either be a crush or a strong infatuation.

8. Ulcer

We all know that internal wounds need utmost attention and care. Dreaming of an ulcer suggests the same. The ulcer can be a representation of your past trauma and inner conflicts.

It can indicate that you require time to heal. The place where your ulcer is will help to understand the roots of the problem.

Having a mouth ulcer can mean that you lack communication skills. At the same time, a stomach ulcer denotes your hunch and emotions.

If it is a canker sore, it will heal soon. It suggests that the communication problem is not severe. In short, this dream stands for illness, grief, and digestion issues.

9. Ultrasound

Dreaming of ultrasounds can mean that you are visualizing your inner growth. You can see yourself bloom into the person you want to become.

The most common dream relating to ultrasounds is where one sees giving birth. It signifies that your life is going to take a drastic turn. You are in a transitional phase.

However, if you dream of snaps of ultrasound, it means you are becoming aware of your inner self and psyche.

10. Ulysses

Dreaming of a Ulysses can mean two things.

You are on a difficult, tiresome path.

You cannot tolerate any misbehavior.

11. Umbilical Cord

Are you someone who does not like doing things alone? If so, dreaming of an umbilical cord suggests just that. It indicates your issues with being independent and your inflated sense of belonging.

You dread doing anything alone and are always looking out for company. You tend to depend on others for your work and responsibilities.

If the baby symbolizes change and new developments, the cord is telling you to move on. It will help if you let go of the past. The attachment to it will bring you nothing but pain.

It can also be the characteristics of your mother and their impact on your current life.

12. Umbrella

To dream of an umbrella suggests that you are trying to protect yourself from any outside influence. You are protecting yourself from potential hurt and grief. We often relate rain with sadness and bottled-up feelings.

The umbrella acts as a barrier from the same. If you dream of an open umbrella, it means that you are taking your time to pull your guards up.

But, if the umbrella position is upside down, it means you are giving in to negativity. You have no control over your outbursts.

13.  Umpire

If you see yourself as an umpire in your dream, it shows your unbiased and impartial nature. You see through things without favoring any particular individual.

However, if an umpire blames you for fraudulent behavior or cheating, it means you are guilty of something in life.

14. Umrah

If you dream of performing ‘Umrah,’ it either suggests that you will die or that you are at the apex of your illness.

The Arabic word ‘Umrah’ might signify a gain in riches, longevity, accomplishments, or acceptance of pleas.

15. Unborn Baby

Dreaming of an unborn baby who informs you about their life and goals, which later turn into reality, is the most wonderful kind of dream. It shows that time and space do not limit your subconscious mind.

But some people are skeptical of the authenticity of this kind of dream and consider it to be some misunderstanding. It can also be that you are going to have a child.

16.  Uncle

You can dream of uncles for a lot of reasons. It is a possibility that there is a link between your past and subconscious attributes.

It can also mean that you are no longer under the influence of living up to your family’s expectations. The uncle may stand for a different approach towards life.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you are soon going to receive a pleasant surprise.

17.  Unassuming

To dream of “unassuming” means that you want something, but are not explicitly asking for it.

18.  Unavailable

To dream of “unavailable” means that someone you need is not there to support you emotionally.

19.  Unblemished

To see this dream indicates that someone you know is very truthful.

20.  Uncertainty

Uncertainty in a dream represents irresponsibility or being seduced by Satan. Lack of trust and confusion in any faith indicates a lack of gratitude.

21.  Uncover

Dreaming of uncovering stands for the act of taking someone’s guards off to reveal their true self.

22.  Unconscious

To dream of being unconscious stands for the forgotten memories and traits. If something leaves you unconscious, it represents a bad omen. It means that a piece of bad news will severely affect you.

23. Undead

To dream of the undead stands for the people and the traits you no longer have in your life. You have cut them from your life and do not need them.

But if you dream of a zombie chasing you, it is often a representation of trauma and hurt that you did not come into terms with – like a failed relationship, a loved one’s death, or a mishap.

24. Under

Dreaming of under can hint that you are hiding or attempting to cover up for something. It can also indicate the reason behind your present situation.

Consider the position of the symbol; it will help you decide which way you want to go. It can also have some message – like how we sow seeds in autumn, and a plant comes up in spring. The dream is asking you not to lose hope.

25. Underbrush

Dreaming about underbrush suggests that success will come your way, but you will have to work hard for it. It will help if you crossed many obstacles before you reached the top.

26. Undercover

Dreaming that you are undercover suggests that you are pretending to be someone else.

27. Underground

The underground represents the acknowledged things that you have in life. It can be anything – the subways, passage, and tunnels.

All these stand for the things you have ignored about yourself. Look for the objects that come in your dream. It is where you need to dig deep.

28. Understudy

If you see yourself as an understudy, it means that you are not yourself. You are trying to imitate others and are not being true to your morals.

It can also be that you are fooling others. If you do not learn to accept yourself, people won’t accept you either. People will respect you when you respect yourself. But be careful not to demean others.

Alternatively, dreaming of an understudy filling in your shoes for a role suggests that you have a pretentious friend walking into your life.

On the positive side, dreaming of being the understudy in a theatre indicates that your success is in your hands. It means that you need to work on your confidence and be more spontaneous in life. Grab the opportunities as soon as they come your way.

29. Undertaker

Dreaming of an undertaker indicates that you know enough about the journey between life and death. You are being more accepting of life changes and are embracing them.

Alternatively, it can also suggest a wedding or a soon-to-be-born child. But dreaming of meeting an undertaker suggests that someone will soon die, and you will receive an invitation to their last rites. It won’t be someone close to you but can be an acquaintance.

30. Undertow

Dreaming of undertows can mean a couple of things.

If you are feeling trapped in an undertow, be prepared to handle your grieving friend.

Seeing an undertow means that your emotions are overpowering you.

If it is a water undertow, it means something is influencing your life too much.

31. Underwater

There can be different meanings to your underwater dream.

Water is similar to the unfamiliar emotional baggage that stays hidden in the subconscious of the dreamer. If you see yourself trying hard to stay afloat, it reflects your attachment towards that aspect of yourself.

Look for the condition of the water, as well as the color. It will help you understand the turmoil you are going through.

32. Underwear

Dreams relating to underwear represent confidentiality and the things you desire to keep hidden. You may be experiencing a feeling that you are doing too much for the people around you. Consider how you behave in your underwear. Your behavior will show your comfort zone.

Visualizing anyone in their underwear suggests that you will soon discover their real face or of someone they pretend to be.

If you dream of filthy underwear, it suggests that you are not comfortable in a situation or with a particular aspect of yourself.

If you are without underwear, it denotes that nothing will remain hidden anymore.

33. Undress

If you love yourself and embrace your flaws to the fullest, you may dream of undressing yourself. It shows your acceptance of your body and mind. You are not hiding your sexuality anymore.

However, if there is discomfort in undressing, it suggests that you have problems letting people in, and it seems like people are forcing you to do so.

If you see others undressing, it means that you should acknowledge and be empathetic towards their feelings.

Seeing a dream of undressing is not just about anything sexual. It can also imply that you want to understand a person better. You want to know their fears, insecurities, and everything else that makes them who they are.

34. Unemployed

If you see yourself unemployed, it suggests that you are not utilizing your talents. You are wasting them. It can also mean that you do not feel worthy and cannot see your potential.

35. University

To dream of a university means that you have the scope of pursuing higher studies. If you dream of attending a university, it shows that you wish to enhance your wisdom and knowledge.

36. Unfit

To dream of being unfit means that you feel you are a part of something.

37. Unfold

Dreaming of something unfolding means that truth is coming to the surface. You can no longer conceal it.

38. Unfortunate

Contrary to the popular belief, if you dream of bad luck, it can suggest that good things are coming your way. Be proud of yourself for not succumbing to the difficulties.

39. Unibrow

Dreaming of a unibrow can suggest that you connect with someone in the most unexpected way.

Look out for this unibrow person in real life. It will help you to focus on them when they cross paths with you.

40. Unicorn

The unicorn represents faith, wisdom, and lofty aspirations. It also symbolizes kindness, strength, and purity.

You are not willing to settle for mediocrity in life; you are going to aim high. Unicorns offer limitless possibilities and serve as a sign of positive things.

41. Unicycle

Dreaming of a unicycle primarily means two things.

You want to walk your path alone.

You do not need anyone to do good in life.

Dreaming of seeing yourself riding a unicycle suggests that your decisions of what you want to do in life are accurate, and you are heading in the right direction.

42. Union

Dreaming of being a union member indicates that you feel good to be a part of a collective that tries and helps society positively.

43. Uniform

If you dream of seeing yourself in a uniform, or anyone else, it suggests that you want to be part of a group.

Alternatively, the dream might indicate that you are untrue yourself. Stop relying on other people’s opinions and start thinking for yourself.

44. United Nations

A dream concerning the United Nations represents your wish for environmental harmony.

45. Universe

Dreaming about the universe implies that you are well in touch with your entire life.

You can see the purpose of your existence, the reason of being, and the bonds with everyone and everything around you. It also indicates your creative ability.

46. Unknown

Dreaming of an unfamiliar place or individual signifies your desire to look beyond your surroundings.

You are open to exploring new versions of yourself and a place. There is a possibility that you have a link with the place or the person in some way.

47. Unknown people

If you dream of strangers, it means you are soon going to encounter a problem.

48. Unlocked Doors

Dreaming of unlocked doors is a positive omen. It indicates that new doors are going to open for you. You will not feel trapped or suffocated anymore. It is often representing something that you lost.

But the good thing is, you will now have ample chances and opportunities to explore.

49. Unpacking

Dreaming of unpacking is a positive sign. It means you are letting go of what hurts you and adapting to the situation.

It can also suggest that you are getting your life together.

50. Unmarried

If you are married but still dream of being unmarried, it shows your insecurity. You may be jealous or not have stability in your marriage.

Be honest with each other, and you will sail through life together.

51. Unprepared

Dreaming of being unprepared for a situation suggests your anxiety of failing. It can be that you tend to do things perfectly.

To dream of doing something wrong means you are scared of not being enough. You think you lack the potential to do good in life.   

52. Unpopular

If you see yourself as an unpopular person in your dream, it shows your insecurity about yourself.

You crave the acceptance of your friends and the people around you. You are a helpful friend. Those who know you love you for who you are.

53. Unwrap

If you dream of a gift, it represents your talents and potential. So, if you see yourself unwrapping a gift in your dream, it means you are no longer hiding your talents. You are ready to show them to the world.

If the gift you see is already without a wrap, it suggests that someone exploits you and takes advantage of your goodness.

54. Ups

Dreaming of ‘ups’ can indicate that a message is coming at your door. The dream may be trying to alert you so that you stay attentive when it comes to you.

55. Up

If you dream of climbing up, it can represent your urge to increase your position in life. It can either be spiritually or in your financial condition.

Up can be anything that is beyond your reach now, but you are attempting to grasp. It implies that you are going out of the way to do good in life.

56. Upholstery

To dream of upholstering a thing shows that you are attempting to hide something. It can be that you are trying to hide your negative traits. You think it makes you look better in the eyes of others.

57. Upholsterer

Dreaming of upholsterer represents that you have a happy family. Your family life is full of abundance and joy.

58. Upper Leg

If you dream of hurting your upper leg, it suggests that someone you trust will betray you. They are going to be responsible for a plan that will not work out for you.

59. Upright

To dream of being good and upright means you are an honest person.

60. Uproar

If you dream of a situation that confuses you or troubles you, it means you will come to a decision.

You may have lost time due to the confusion, but the outcome will be in your favor.

61. Uproot

If you dream of uprooting, it can indicate three things –

You feel unattached from the people around you.

You have rifts in your family.

You don’t have your job anymore.

Alternatively, it can mean that you are taking something away from the place it was born.

62. Upside Down

If you dream that everything around you is upside down, it implies that you need to fix a certain situation.

It can also suggest that your first assumption is incorrect, and you need to see through things.

63. Upstairs

If you see yourself climbing stairs, it means that you are growing in life. You are working on enhancing your consciousness and are looking for a broader outlook on things.

It can also indicate that you need to utilize your logical reasoning and smartness to proceed in life.

64. Upstream

If you see yourself swimming upstream, it indicates that you are moving ahead in life with your set of notions and beliefs. You are not caring much about how the world functions.

Try and understand if your struggle justifies the outcome. Alternatively, it can also indicate that you are a rebel without a cause.

65. Uptight

If you sense that you are uptight in a dream, it can be a warning sign for an illness or someone dying.

66. Uranus

To dream of Uranus suggests an important life change. It also means that you will utilize your talents to your utmost potential.

Other interpretations of this dream include –

You want to travel the world.

You want to curse someone but don’t want them to know.

Your way of looking at life is different from that of others.

67. Urgency

If you dream of urgency, it indicates that something requires immediate attention.

Alternatively, if it is you or someone else showing urgency, it shows the restlessness of the individual.

68. Urine

To dream of urine indicates misfortune, shame, and illness.

69. Urinal

Dreaming of a urinal shows that your home is going through a phase of the crisis.

Someone or something is trying to mess with your family’s peace and happiness. If you are using the urinal, it is a sign that you must try to find your foes.

70. Urination

Urination is the body’s way of releasing toxins. So, dreaming of urination means you are letting out negativity from your life. If you cannot control which side you urinate on, you lack control in life.

Whereas publicly urinating indicates that you declare your life to be yours and are unwilling to let others decide for you.

But if you see someone peeing on you, it can be that you think people are exploiting you for their good.

71. Urn

Dreaming of an urn with a person’s ashes indicates someone you know will die but are not that close to the person.

72. Unravel

To dream of unraveling suggests that you are exploring and solving a situation or a problem. It also means that you will receive the answers you have been wanting.

73. Unlawful

If you dream of earning cash by committing unlawful activities, it means that you are a sinner.

74. Usher

Dreaming of being an usher suggests that you are helping others to grow. But if you are subject to ushering, it indicates that you have the Almighty’s blessings and support with you. He is guiding you at every step you take.

75. Usurer

Dreaming of a usurer suggests that you will be sinning. But if you see usurers, it indicates that you will face failure in your unsafe business plans.

76. Utensils

Utensils symbolize constructive resources and expressive as well as defensive feelings. If you dream of cutting tools, it suggests shaping old components into new and better ones.

Kitchen utensils represent the changes you make in your waking life. The utensils are a source of nourishment and fulfillment.

Consider specific types of utensils to interpret additional meaning.

77. Uterus

Uterus represents your feminine aspects. Observe the context of the dream to decide whether it refers to a positive or a negative female aspect.

Uterus also refers to new hopes, ideas, feelings, and thoughts. A falling uterus in your dream symbolizes internal exposure.

78. Utopia

Utopia is an ideal state. However, perfection cannot exist in reality. It is humane to have flaws and to commit mistakes.

Dreaming of Utopia suggests how a person thinks. It can indicate the unrealistically high morals that are difficult to follow in reality.

To dream of Utopia can also indicate that you desire to run away from your present scenario.

79. Ulama and Saints

If you dream of Ulama and Saints, it means you have gained positivity, goodness, and spiritual awakening.

80. Unfaithful

Dreaming of someone being unfaithful to you does not signify bad luck. It is often the complete opposite. It shows that you will find someone who will stay loyal to you.

But if you are unfaithful, it indicates that either you are unfaithful or about to be. You will have to pass a test of temptations.

81. Unjust Ruler

Dreaming of an unjust ruler signifies a completely different story. It stands for peace, warmth, security, and safeguarding of society.

82. Uncultivated

To dream of ‘uncultivated’ denotes your unproductiveness. You are not utilizing your resources properly.

83. Uncontrollable Horse

Dreaming of a horse losing control in an enclosed space means something is threatening its honor.

You can see it anywhere, be it in a Masjid or a rooftop. There is a possibility that it will carry out a sin.

84. Unpaid

To dream of being unpaid often hints at something. It can either be about money or anything else.

85. U-Haul

Dreaming of u-haul denotes that you are moving from one phase in your life to another.

It can either be that you are looking for support or that you are becoming more self-reliant.

86. Underwrite

To dream of ‘underwrite’ suggests a foolish or unlawful business.

87. Useless

Dreaming of being useless can indicate a wake-up call asking you not to waste your potential and time.

88. Used Clothing

Dreaming of buying old clothes suggests a downfall in financial conditions. It can indicate poverty.

On the contrary, if you are giving away your old clothes, it implies a kind gesture. The Almighty will reward you. A good deed is likely to keep you away from any harm.

If you work at a thrift store, it suggests you are a novice. It can also mean that you are trying to end your worries.

89. U.S. Mail Box

Dreaming of a mailbox with a side logo of the U.S indicates that someone may soon approach you for illegal dealing.

If you simultaneously find yourself mailing a note, it is a negative sign. You may be suffering alone for what the other person did.

90. Unqualified

If you dream of being unqualified, it indicates that the resources are not enough to deal with the situation.

91. Understanding

Developing an understanding and affection towards a person you once disliked for various reasons can indicate a healing process.

If you dream of being affectionate towards a person’s feelings or thoughts, it means you will understand your relationship a lot better in life.

92. Union Jack

To dream of Union Jack implies that you will soon get married to a partner who is devoted to you, and you will be moving abroad with them.

93. Unveil

To dream of unveiling suggests that you are removing the cover from something.

94. Unzipping

There are two interpretations of this dream.

It will help if you loosened up your grip on someone.

It’s about time you take a break.

95. Uriel

To dream of Uriel suggests that you will soon encounter a ray of hope. Don’t lose your faith and trust in the Almighty.

96. Unknown House

Dreaming of being inside an unfamiliar house can stand for a future house that you may buy. Consider the location, architecture, and details of the house. See if it is a match of how you want your future abode to be.

Alternatively, the dream can also indicate how you have been as a person.

97. Unloading

To dream of unloading suggests that you are releasing yourself from hurt and past traumas.

It can also indicate that you are a charitable person who likes helping everyone.

98. Una

To dream of Una can mean a state that supports unity and solidarity.

99. Unfasten

To dream of unfastening can indicate that you are a timid person. You can even relate this dream to erotica.

There is a possibility that you will go through a process of healing and rejuvenation. You will be able to trust again.

100. Unbuttoning

Dreaming of unbuttoning can signify the desire to have an honest, open bond with someone. It can also indicate that you are trying to ease things a little.